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Books About Castro County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Castro County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorites about Dimmitt, Hart, Hilburn, Summerfield, Nazareth, Sunnyside and Castro City Texas.


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The Kingdom of Our FatherThe Kingdom of Our Father: Who is God the Father?

"News of the miracles spread far and wide and the Church eventually appointed a committee to study all of the related events at Saint John Neumann Church. But although the story of Lubbock continues to this day, the account of Theresa Werner and her experience with God the Father is confined to a series of prophecies she reportedly received from May 16, 1988 through August 8, 1988.  The third child of Peter and Earlene Steiert, Theresa Marie Werner was born on January 11, 1955, in Plainview, Texas She grew up on a 200- acre cotton and corn farm in Hart, Texas, along with her older brother Jim and younger brother Pat . Her fondest memories include horseback and tractor riding and indulging in her favorite hobby , painting..."  Read more Look inside for more like this please see Church in Texas . . . or Mysterious Texas

Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters

"November, 1891, Dimmitt, Texas. A few months earlier Aten had moved to the vicinity and established a homestead. During a local election controversy Aten came to oppose a faction led by two land-grabbing brothers from Tennessee, Hugh and Andrew McClelland, who called a public meeting to denounce the former ranger. Aten boldly attended and was call a liar by Andrew..." Read more

The Ranger Ideal Volume 2: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1874-1930

"In November 1891, Castro County, which had been attached to Oldham County for administrative purposes was organizing, and the location of the county seat was being hotly contested. The two towns under consideration were Castro City and Dimmitt, separated from each other by two and one-half miles. Ira Aten was promoting the former, while attorney Andrew McClelland and his land speculator brother, Hugh, were supporting the latter . . . Read more Look inside

Poor Kid Wealthy Kid

by David Espinoza

This is a must-read book for tearing down the walls of stereotyping, and battling discrimination based on skin color and poverty. Diversity is a reality in our current world. A very poor kid from Dimmitt, Texas (Carlos) is surprised by his large family packing up one day and moving to Oregon. He meets a very wealthy boy from Gervais, Oregon (Harv) in the berry field. Carlos is a very gifted quarterback, but when it comes to grades, well . . . Read more Look inside

Rawhide Ranger, Ira Aten: Enforcing Law on the Texas Frontier

"For whatever reason Ira forwent establishing himself in Dickens or Crosby Counties, but he did opt for settling in one of those "Line of counties higher". In 1890 the whole population of Castro County was a whopping nine. Needless to say, the county was yet to be organized. There was no local regime, no county seat, no taxman, no sheriff, and no jail. There was plenty of space and solitude in Castro County, just the ticket for a former Fort Bend County Sheriff and ex-Texas Ranger looking for peace and quiet.  . . . Read more Look inside

Bad Company and Burnt Powder: Justice and Injustice in the Old Southwest

Ira had purchased land in Castro County near the little hamlet of Dimmitt, which would shortly become the county seat. Purportedly, at age twenty-one Eddie just couldn't seem to let go of a few reckless habits..." Read more Look inside

The Tornado: Nature’s Ultimate Windstorm

"On June 2 , 1995 , Carlos Calvert and his wife huddled in their basement while most of their Dimmitt Texas house was being ripped to splinters and scattered . A few seconds earlier the tornado had peeled ..." Read more Look inside

Half Blind with Full Vision

by David Espinoza from Dimmitt Texas

"Raised in a poverty lifestyle in Dimmitt Texas, as a five-year-old boy, I was traumatized due to a life-changing accident. I was later confined to a hospital bed at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. I lost half of my eyesight, but that was only the beginning of my challenging experiences. Growing up was a living nightmare as I discovered how lonely life could be. Kids made fun of my appearance. The jokes continued throughout grade school, junior high, and even high school . . ." Read more Look inside

Preacher in a Hard Hat: A Guide to Preaching for Pastors and Everyone Else

"I don't know what he'd have to say about Nazareth, Texas ; but for this preacher — who likes horses and whose pastime is breaking colts — Nazareth, Texas , is just this side of heaven : a small community of strong faith, plenty of cattle, and a lot of folks who know how to rope..." Read more

Texas Bluegrass History: High Lonesome on the High Plains

"The story of Texas bluegrass begins in the 1930s in—of all places—Dimmitt, Texas. Dimmitt was home to the ranching Mayfield family. Dimmitt lies in the Texas Panhandle, triangulated by Lubbock ...' Read more Look inside

6000 Miles of Fence

The fabulous XIT Ranch has been celebrated in song, story, and serious history. This book of reminiscences of old XIT cowmen puts on record the everyday life of the individuals who made the ranch run. Found Inside: "Ira Aten's taste of rustling is more or less typical. A former Texas Ranger, he built a reputation for tracking stolen cattle while sheriff of Castro County, once returning more than three hundred head, plus the thieves, from the Washita River in Indian Territory . . . Read more Look inside

The Great Plains during World War II

In Summerfield, Texas, the Baptist Church used Italian POWs on loan from a farmer for a basement and roofing project. A guard also recalled that, while he helped escort the Italian prisoners on the eight-mile hike from Summerfield to Camp Hereford, his detail was thankful that the POWs seemed in good spirits as they walked along, rather than attempting to escape, because the guards did not have bullets for their guns owing to an army error when ordering supplies ... Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

Trinity: Finding of the Singer, the Deacon, and the Good Samaritan

"She's here with us. She's up on the stands with her grandpa.” The more she looked at Marty, the more she believed she'd met him before. “You know, I think I know you. Weren't you and your friend in Hart, Texas, almost a month ago? You both were in Hart just a few weeks ago, helping Mr. Shiloh, while the whole town was paying tribute to Anna Marie's daddy..." Read more Look inside

Less We Forget-High School Coaching: Legends from the Texas Panhandle/Plains Region

"It didn't last because soon Carl Irlbeck became the Hard Boys' basketball coach and finished his career at Hart, Texas. He said, “They needed a boy's coach that could help them learn and get better, so I felt needed and just did it..." Read more Look inside

The Very Air: A Novel

"Well , a man could make a case for my ending up back here in Dimmitt, Texas , as the ironification that beats them all . If somebody had said to me ten years ago , ' Raymond White, you will return to Dimmitt, where your rearing was marked by the single idea of escape..." Read more Look inside

Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers

In Lone Star Justice, best-selling author Robert M. Utley captures the first hundred years of Ranger history, in a narrative packed with adventures worthy of Zane Grey or Larry McMurtry.

"After a term as sheriff of Castro County, he accepted the post of superintendent of the Escabarda division of the XIT Ranch, the huge spread of the syndicate that had built the state capitol . . . Read more Look inside

My Life: from Cotton Patches on the South Plains of Texas to Negotiation Tables in China and North Korea

This book is the account of an ordinary person whose life experiences were atypical. He was the fifth of seven children born into the home of a rural minister and educator.

Found Inside: "In the summer of 1955 George and Annie DeLozier lived on their  farm located about fourteen miles from Dimmitt near the western boundary of Castro County. The area was sparsely populated. Granted there were more people than a few generations earlier when  ... " Read more Look inside

The Bone Pickers

Against the flamboyant background of the “Golden Spread,” the oil-rich Panhandle of the late 1950s, Al Dewlen has poised a full-scale and truly original novel of one Texas family―the Mungers of Amarillo.

"Laska went into bargaining with several hillbilly bands, among them Red Wines and His Castro County Cavaliers, Billy Samples and His Texas Plainsmen, and Ernie Favors and The Gila Canyon Boys. Then, almost as a deal was closed with . . . Read more Look inside

The XIT Ranch of Texas and the Early Days of the Llano Estacado

Among the famous ranch brands of Texas are the T Anchor, JA, Diamond Tail, 777, Bar C, and XIT. And the greatest of these was XIT—The XIT Ranch of Texas.

"It had traveled over 950 miles to inspect all the land except that in Castro County and to find that Norton's re ort “as to soil, grass, water, timber, rock, and shelter” was correct. The party met the veteran hunters, George and John Causey, in their . . . Read more Look inside

Prairie Nights to Neon Lights: The Story of Country Music in West Texas

Winner of the Belmont University Prize for Best Book on Country Western Music.

"The novelty of "FOUR COWPUNCHERS from Dimmitt, Texas" playing hillbilly music appealed to the management, audience, and media.8 The band was so well received that regular Hayride member Webb Pierce gave up his fifteen-minute . . . Read more Look inside

If God Made Heaven and Earth, Then Who Created the World I Live In

They say that a child is a product of his/her environment.

"But in 1980, he brought her to visit me at (my grandmother's (El Mini) house in Dimmitt, Texas where I stayed during the summer. We talked about a lot of things, but it was so painful to hear about some of the horrible things that happened to . . .  Read more Look inside

The outlet ( 1905 ): Western

by Andy Adams

 During the early 1880s Andy Adams went to Texas, where he stayed for 10 years, spending much of that time driving cattle on the western trails. Found inside: "The branding-irons had been altered en route, and about noon a vaquero came down the river and reported the second round-up of the day would meet just over the county line in Dimmit. He belonged at Los Lobos, and reported the morning rodeo as containing over five hundred beeves" . . . Read more Look inside


Synopsis: COCKFIGHTERS takes place in a lonely West Texas town where vengeance and violence come more naturally to the Fowler family than to the gamecocks they fight.

"... and bleeding not too far from here killed my sister, you little sonofabitch! (TAMMY JEAN WILKINS enters.) TAMMY: CD! CD, can we go back now? What are you doing? (CD glares at her. Light shift. The inside of an old barn in Dimmitt, Texas . . . Read more Look inside

The Encyclopedia of Lawmen, Outlaws, and Gunfighters

Profiles more than 500 men and women, along with key events and geographical locations, who played out their lives as gunfighters, robbers, and peace officers in the Old West.

"He married in 1892, he and his wife living at a dugout ranch in Dimmitt, Texas. In 1893, he became sheriff of Castro County, organizing 20 local cowboys into a ranch police force". . . . Read more

Italian POWs and a Texas Church: The Murals of St. Mary's

While the tragedy of World War II played itself out in the cities and across the countryside of Europe, a different drama took place in the Texas Panhandle, where three thousand Italian prisoners of war were interned in a camp at Hereford. "The information exchange and visits between the Italians and the people of Hereford and adjacent Castro County have continued in the years since. Clara Vick of nearby Dimmitt has attended all the Italian reunion but one since 1988. Small parties of Italians visit . . . Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

Coronado: Knight of Pueblos and Plains

Herbert Eugene Bolton, who was well-known for his books on the Southwest and Spanish Americas, here recounts in detail Francisco Vasquez de Coronado’s sixteenth-century entrada to the North American frontier of the Spanish Empire. Found Inside: "Going back to Castro County we retraced the route of Coronado's army past the salt lakes on its return from Tule Canyon to Pecos River . . . " Read more Look inside

The Sensation Inside

We arrived in Hart, Texas, on a cool morning. I noticed that the grass was brown from a long, hot summer. I wanted to pour endless water on it to give it life. Nothing should have to starve for what it needs the most. Matt and Lindsey woke up . . . Read more

Tejano West Texas

Featuring a side of Tejano history too often neglected, author Arnoldo De León shows that people of Spanish-Mexican descent were not passive players in or, worse, absent from West Texas history but instead were active agents at the center of it . . . Read more Look inside

Life in Castro County 1850 -1950s

Life in Castro County 1850 -1950sLife in Castro County 1850 -1950s


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