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No matter what kind of campaign youíre running, a Blog allows you to quickly and easily create a place on the web where voters can find you, learn about you, interact with you and contribute to your success. If you want a powerful online presence for your election campaign at very low cost, a Blog is the most effective way to do it. Campaign Blogs are incredibly easy to set up. If you can send an email, you can create a Blog for your election campaign.

Huge impact for very little money

Creating a web presence for political campaigns used to require a hefty budget for graphic design, programming and hosting. Worst of all, every update of content or graphics incurred additional cost. No longer! You can launch a TypePad Blog in minutes, at a cost of only pennies per day. Post as often as you like, change your design and layout whenever you want, and host all of your content, photos, and media files all for one low monthly fee that any political campaign can afford.

Creates a dialog between you and the voters.

A Blog allows you to have an ongoing conversation about topics that are important to you and invites voters to join in. No matter what your position, a TypePad Blog allows you to start the conversation and keep it going. A Blog will help you get your message out. It is a place where you will build relationships with people who share your concerns, your values and your core beliefs. In other words, people who want to help you win your election.

Blogs collect valuable feedback from voters

Blogs are increasingly important for political campaigns, because they create a forum in which voters can offer feedback, interact with candidates and each other, and obtain access to timely information. Consistent Blog posts can be an indispensable tool for public relations and can foster loyalty and trust among volunteers, media and candidates. The feedback you receive from voters on your Blog could be the key to winning your election.

Blogs build trust with voters

A Blog is an interactive platform that allows you to fashion a consistent message to demonstrate thought leadership in a particular field. This is tremendously valuable for political campaigns that are focusing on a particular issue. In addition, a Blog sends an implicit message of transparency and accountability, and builds trust in voters, volunteers and contributors.

Blogs are a conduit for online campaign contributions that multiply over time

Almost half of small online donors contact the campaign first, usually online, in order to show their support, according to the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet. Clearly, online giving resonates with campaign donors and the easiest way for motivated contributors to donate to your campaign is through your Blog. It is easier and cheaper to ask people for money with a blog, often in a very engaging way that allows your supporters to help.

With a TypePad Blog, you donít need to spend time setting up credit card merchant accounts because TypePad takes care of all that for you with a widget from PayPal. Itís easy to accept online contributions. Plus -- you can multiply your fundraising efforts by asking supporters to place your donation widget on their own websites and Blogs.

Want to see what a Blog can do for your election campaign? You can create your own Blog in minutes with TypePad and try it free for 14 days.

Take credit card donations even without a website or blog! When you signup for PayPal for Business, you can start accepting credit card payments and donations instantly, best of all it's completely FREE to sign up and all you need is an email address. To sign up or learn more, just click on the link below.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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