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Bastrop County Unclaimed Estates

Bastrop County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Bastrop County left a total $150,645 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please Share this with your Family and Friends in Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Elgin, Mcdade, Paige,  Red Rock, Rosanky and Smithville Texas and let them know they can collect it from the Texas Comptroller's Office. There is a direct link in the article to the Texas comptroller's page where you can make a claim. It is my sincere hope that someone here will be able to claim their inheritance.

Know the Heirs? Let them know     
Estate of Harold Jones $17,826 Smithville
Estate of Tc Klink $10,470 Bastrop
Eddie Lamar Williford Estate $8,235 Bastrop
Estate of Dorothy Soule $7,048 Rosanky
Patricia D Henderson Estate $5,778 Bastrop
Estate of Corey Carlson $5,238 Elgin
Estate of Clark Whitaker $5,068 Cedar Creek
Robert C Runkle Estate $4,564 Bastrop
Jerome Kypfer Estate $3,949 Smithville
Estate of Marilyn Kellar $3,395 Bastrop
Estate of Audrey H Pfeiffer $3,221 Elgin
Vivian Bryant Estate $3,018 Elgin
Estate of Nina Lumpkins $3,000 Bastrop
Estate of Carl Carlson $2,795 Elgin
Albert P Williams Estate $2,778 Mcdade
Estate of Perry R Blalock $2,666 Bastrop
Estate of Martin $2,591 Elgin
Estate of Clark Whitaker $2,525 Cedar Creek
Estate of Elizabeth Carr $2,331 Smithville
Woth Nelson Estate $2,244 Bastrop
Margie Wooten Estate $1,996 Elgin
Estate of Bruce D Kelsey $1,769 Bastrop
Jannine Peterson Estate $1,646 Bastrop
Estate of Tom F Prasek $1,370 Smithville
Estate of Walter B Thomas $1,325 Elgin
Estate of Katie Browning $1,306 Bastrop
Opal M Jones Life Estate $1,303 Smithville
Vernon Fiene Estate $1,266 Cedar Creek
Estate of Janecka $1,207 Elgin
Estate of Dorothy Harper $1,159 Paige
Ricardo Campos Estate $1,155 Smithville
Estate of Bobby A Smith $1,099 Bastrop
Mark Tripp Estate Of $1,033 Elgin
Estate of Virginia D Brown $1,000 Smithville
Samuel Pearce Estate Of $1,000 Bastrop
Estate of Evelyn Seymour $922 Smithville
Estate of Ian Anderson $910 Elgin
Frances Richards Estate $883 Smithville
Judith Hatten Estate $873 Bastrop
Jannie Peterson Estate $853 Bastrop
Estate of Robert J Mele $833 Elgin
Estate of Jeannette Skinner $821 Rosanky
Estate of Daniel Mcdowell $812 Cedar Creek
Woodie Kellough Estate $747 Bastrop
Estate of Shirley Reader $720 Smithville
Estate of Ester Perez $706 Cedar Creek
Estate of Horace Henley $691 Bastrop
Estate Castrejana $671 Elgin
Estate of Edna $648 Cedar Creek
Wesley Kilburn Estate $634 Elgin
Wesley Kilburn Estate $634 Elgin
Estate of Gerald M Baranowski $600 Bastrop
Herbert J Boon Life Estate $570 Bastrop
Dixie C Young Estate $520 Bastrop
Elizabeth L Verastegui Estate $506 Elgin
Estate of Helen Whitten $490 Elgin
Betty Bauhs Estate $472 Bastrop
Estate of David P Burger $438 Bastrop
Estate of Christola Lowry Or $421 Cedar Creek
Iga Estate of Tracie Zun $405 Smithville
Estate of Judy E Cox $400 Smithville
Estate of Robert Mackay $359 Bastrop
Estate of Lola Smith $342 Bastrop
Estate of Muriel Logenia Lange $334 Red Rock
Estate of Sharon A Moore $333 Bastrop
Estate of Richard Coons $319 Smithville
Of James Barb Estate $308 Bastrop
Estate of M M Napper $308 Smithville
Estate of John D Donham The $306 Smithville
George Wiber Estate $302 Bastrop
Estate of Don B Boitnott $300 Rosanky
Estate of James Smith $300 Bastrop
Estate of Sisto Mosqueda $300 Smithville
Estate of Charles Cox $293 Smithville
Estate of Joyce M Sawyer $280 Elgin
Estate of Frank D Richards $278 Smithville
Osborn Estate Oil $277 Elgin
Minerva Osborn Estate $277 Bastrop
Ethel Haley Estate $257 Bastrop
Estate of Willie M Simmons $253 Elgin
Estate of Barbara Miller $251 Cedar Creek
Estate of Hobson Mack $250 Elgin
Estate of Dorothy D Seals $250 Elgin
Estate of Dorothy D Seals $250 Elgin
Alvina Estate of J Arndt $249 Elgin
Estate of Lloyd Foss $240 Bastrop
Estate of Donald R Baker $238 Cedar Creek
Estate of Richard Coons $236 Smithville
Marcelino Torres Estate $216 Cedar Creek
Estate of Jimmy Mendoza $216 Bastrop
Estate of Fred Laake $213 Paige
Estate of Daniel Mcdowell $196 Cedar Creek
Estate of Juanita R Balderas $190 Bastrop
Estate of Audrey H Pfeiffer $174 Elgin
Bowen Estate of Connie S $173 Smithville
Estate of Plonie Black $171 Smithville
Estate of V A Buescher $162 Smithville
Estate of Malcolm Clark $162 Smithville
Estate of Emeline Teague $157 Elgin
Charles E Higgins Estate $151 Bastrop
Estate of Sweet Joan T Scott Peters $146 Elgin
Helen Whitten Estate $138 Mcdade
Estate of Natalie Hyatt $134 Elgin
Estate of Johnny Sharp $130 Smithville
S Stamper Estate of S $126 Bastrop
Bobbie Medden Estate $125 Elgin
Estate of Gail Eskew $116 Bastrop
Estate of Vadie Bernice Oeser $115 Bastrop
Estate of E H Ervin $109 Elgin
Estate of Esther Mitchell $109 Bastrop
Estate of Betty Baker $109 Bastrop
Estate of Sharon Hicks $108 Bastrop
Estate of Sylvia Swearingen $107 Cedar Creek
Estate of Dorothy Moore $106 Cedar Creek
Alfred E Estate of Linton $100 Bastrop
Estate of Edna $100 Cedar Creek
Estate of Maria E Aguilar $100 Bastrop
Estate of Luis G Lopez $100 Bastrop
Estate of B J Tucker $98 Bastrop
Estate of Benjamin Olivo $90 Elgin
Estate of Janecka $89 Elgin
Margaret Erwin Life Estate $85 Cedar Creek
Edmond Smith Estate $85 Elgin
Leon R Hunger Estate $78 Elgin
O J Richardson Estate $75 Bastrop
Estate of Douglas Donaldson $74 Bastrop
Estate of Ira V Bearden $71 Elgin
Estate of Gracelia Fabela $67 Cedar Creek
Estate of Myrna J Bushnell $66 Red Rock
Estate of Ernestine Sawyer $65 Smithville
Leon R Hunger Estate $63 Elgin
Leon R Hunger Estate $62 Elgin
Estate of Joseph Patterson $60 Bastrop
Estate of Elizabeth Hurd $58 Bastrop
Mildred Blazek Estate $57 Elgin
Greg Easterly Estate $55 Rosanky
Estate of Patricia Cress $54 Bastrop
Gratehouse Estate of Troy $51 Cedar Creek
Alford Zoch Life Estate $49 Smithville
 Estate of Connie S Bowen $47 Smithville
Estate of Carol Whited The $47 Cedar Creek
Estate of Amy W Buettner $47 Elgin
Estate of Floyd Meredith $47 Elgin
Estate of David R Carrillo $47 Smithville
Estate of Terry L Reed $46 Smithville
Estate of David A Mogonye $46 Elgin
Estate Charle L Goerner $45 Cedar Creek
Estate of K Payne $45 Elgin
Estate of Fred A Laake $44 Paige
Estate of Patrici A Mccullough $43 Elgin
Anne Cederholm Estate $42 Bastrop
Estate of J Bolster $42 Elgin
Kimberlee A Boehl Estate $42 Bastrop
Estate of Mary Lois Summers $40 Elgin
Estate of Martha Sue Johnston $40 Red Rock
Estate of Robert L Schorr $40 Elgin
Estate of James Sneed $39 Paige
Estate of S Burnes $39 Rosanky
Estate of Bower Crider $39 Bastrop
Estate of Alberta Peterson $38 Smithville
Franklin Mcdowell Estate $37 Smithville
Donaldson Dorothy B Estate $36 Bastrop
Estate of Bradley Robert Lundren $36 Elgin
Estate of Leon G Bohls $35 Bastrop
Estate of Caseyjames The $34 Cedar Creek
Saron N Edmonson Estate $34 Smithville
Estate of Dean, Gerald C $32 Paige
Estate of Lois Gerlach $32 Elgin
Saron N Edmonson Estate $32 Smithville
Estate of John Woodward $32 Smithville
Estate of Les P Mott $31 Bastrop
Ernestine G Castillo Estate $31 Bastrop
Estate of Hilda M Mooney $31 Bastrop
S M Estate Laney Sr $30 Smithville
Andrew Pineda Estate $29 Elgin
Estate of I L Beauchamp $28 Elgin
Estate of Doris Ann Ancira $28 Elgin
Estate of Sofia R Baltazar $28 Cedar Creek
Estate of Sofia R Baltazar $28 Cedar Creek
Kelly Wayne Whitehead Estate $27 Bastrop
Estate of M Cacho $26 Bastrop
Estate of Dorothy Hobbs $25 Elgin
Estate of Maurine Cimerhanzel $25 Bastrop
Estate of Janecka $25 Elgin
Estate of Pauline Rocha $25 Elgin
Estate of Hobson Mack $25 Elgin

This is a partial list showing only Bastrop County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  See more sorted by city or Browse our list County by County

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


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