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Texas Estates with $10,000 or more in Unclaimed Money

Estates with $10,000 to $761,590 in unclaimed money due beneficiaries and heirs. Average estate in this list has $31,242 in unclaimed money . . . View the List - Make a Claim


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Top Five Title Search Errors and How to Prevent Them

Here are the top five errors when inexperienced or lazy abstractors run title search.

One Million Records Missing From County Site

Every title search you do online is an opportunity for a missed document that could someday result in million dollar suit against you.

Title Expert Warns Against Using County Websites

After officials read this white paper they issued disclaimers designed to protect county websites against lawsuits over inaccurate and missing  records.

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No one knows Aransas County real estate, title search and court records better than the people who are in the courthouse everyday working directly with local officials to bring you the kind of professional service only a local expert can.. Connect with Aransas County Abstractors, Public Record Retrievers, Historians, Genealogists and Legal Service Professionals. You'll find Aransas County Clerk, Aransas County Appraisal District, abstractors, county record retrievers, and real estate in Rockport, Tx.

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Aransas County Unclaimed Estates

Aransas County Unclaimed Estates

These deceased residents from Rockport and Fulton Texas left a total $75,512 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please Share or Tag your Family and Friends in Aransas County to let them know they can collect it from the Texas Comptroller's Office.. . . See the list

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When law firms, lenders, energy production companies and national title companies need public record information that is accurate and official they rely on local abstractors, document retrievers and landman who physically inspect the Aransas County records at the courthouse. Get Email Updates

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Terry M Ray - Petroleum Land Services

35 years of experience throughout Texas in Abstracting/Title Research, Due Diligence, Document Preparation, Lease Negotiation & Acquisition of land rights and Seismic Options for oil and gas companies, attorneys and title companies.

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When you need qualified licensed contractors who understand local building codes, tax credits, rebates and discounts for everything from complete home renovation to minor home repair you want free no-obligation quotes from home repair and remodel contractors who are licensed to work in or near Rockport Texas. Local contractors can help you get all available federal, state and county rebates, discounts and tax credits.
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Aransas County Unclaimed Estates
Lillian Jackson Estate Rockport $10,909.94
Eunice Evelyn Hamon Rockport $7,431.95
Estate of Martha Lee Jones Rockport $5,422.64
Estate Verno Rockport $3,111.00
Estate of Thomas Kinser Rockport $2,558.71
There's more . . . See the Full List

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Suspended County Judge to Remain Highest Paid Official in Aransas County

Suspended Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams will get a slight pay cut but he'll remain the county's highest-paid elected official in spite of video of his daughters beating . . .  Read more and watch the video


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