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Special Agent’s Notes Sold on eBay


The diaries of FBI Special Agent Max H. Roder who covered narcotics investigations throughout the entirety of his 34-year career were sold Saturday night on eBay for a winning bid of $2,804.06. The journals fill 28 notebooks with daily notes, informant lists and fugitive warrants. Agent Roder is said to have kept the records so he could recall details if he had to testify in court.

The diaries contain the names and addresses of real people, though one might reasonably presume most of those people have either perished or moved on to other places as the journals covered the agent’s activities in New York City and Philadelphia from 1931-1959.

According to the auction description, “It appears the New York City cases were mainly targeted against Italian Americans in Little Italy".

"You'll be amazed how many people smoked opium in NYC. A lost practice in today's world. Agent worked out of Room 615 at 90 Church St and later 633 Broadway NYC,” the seller said.

You never know What you'll find on an eBay auction
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