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The Smart Way to Accept Credit Cards

If you've been thinking it's difficult to accept credit cards online - think again. It's no longer necessary to haggle with credit card providers to establish merchant accounts. You don't need to hand over up-front fees or invest in credit card processing equipment or software.

In fact you could be accepting credit card donations and electronic checks on your web site or through your email in the next few minutes.

Here's four reasons we recommend PayPal as the best solution to accept credit card donations for campaigns of every size :

  • Low cost. No start-up or monthly fees, no cancellation fees, and no minimum payments. Lower transaction fees than other merchant accounts
  • Quick setup. Sign up and get started in minutes. No extra software or hardware needed
  • Secure. As an industry leader in fraud prevention and risk management, PayPal has 60%-70% lower fraud loss rates than other merchant accounts
  • Huge Network of Potential Contributors. One in three online buyers in the U.S. has a PayPal account, and over 58,000 users worldwide sign up for PayPal each day.

On your Web Site

Sample Donation Button

Your site's up. But how are supporters going to donate to your campaign? PayPal has been the leader in secure online credit card processing for years. A PayPal business account makes it easy for anyone with a credit card or bank account to support your campaign efforts with donations of a few dollars or thousands of dollars. AND they make it easy for you to ask!

The system is designed so you can:

  • Easily add a donation button to your Web Site
  • Instantly receive donations and have them credited to your account.
  • Protect your supporters privacy.

Through your email

With the free Outlook/Outlook Express payment request wizard, you can request money from anyone with an email address and a credit or debit card.

  • Reach out to everyone on your email list.
  • Quickly send follow-up requests for pledges you receive offline.
  • Receive donations from anyone with an email address
  • Collect payments for reservations to fundraisers and special events.
  • Ask for a specific amount or let them decide.

When you signup for a PayPal Business account, you can start accepting credit card donations instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, PayPal is the fastest way to open the door to campaign funding success. It's just that easy!

To learn more, just click the link below. Don't miss another contributor.

 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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