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Essential Tools for Title Examiners, Abstractors and Searchers

Providing accurate on-site title abstracting and records research direct from the courthouse can be difficult without the right tools. TXDILAR members have found the following tools are essential for building a vibrant, efficient and professional title abstracting and courthouse research business.

These, recommendations, from successful abstractors, include everything from training and continuing education for abstractors; to powerful online marketing strategies for abstractors.


Basic Training for Title Abstractors

Real Estate Title Search Abstractor Basic Training Real Estate Title Search Abstractor Basic Training

Obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to better understand the processes of a real estate title search. . . .



Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles 

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles, After the Most Improved System of Eminent Conveyancers: To Which Is Added a Collection of Precedents ...


 Introduction to Real Estate Title Search: Abstractor Skills

Well-trained abstractors are in demand in the real estate industry. The many affinity businesses surrounding real estate transfer continue to grow and prosper regardless of economic shifts or alterations. Any career whose stability centers on the continued transfer of real property will expand providing solid, stable opportunities to those who obtain the training necessary to remain an integral part of the process.



 Courthouse Indexes Illustrated

A "must" for anyone doing courthouse research either in person, online or with microfilm . . .



 County Courthouse Book

Featuring updated coverage of 3,125 county jurisdictions and 1,577 New England towns and independent cities . . .



Title Examiner (Career Examination Series)

Covers basic knowledge and includes hundreds of practice questions with answers to drill the student in the basic skills common to land title abstracting.




Title Basics: A Search and Exam Manual for Beginners

"recommend it's use for beginning abstractors today . . .  easy to understand and use as a training tool"



Handbook on Petroleum Land Titles

Guide to reconciling the requirement for legal accuracy in the landman's activities




 Searching American Land and Deed Records

Explains the use of land records, land divisions, measurements, charters, change of ownerships, bounty lands, homesteading, and independent city records.



Intermediate and advanced abstractor training


 Interpreting Land Records

The difficult task of boundary retracement begins with three substantial steps: recovering land records, determining the significance of those records, and applying the findings to conditions on the ground.




 Land & Property Research in the United States

Good basic introduction to initial property research in U.S. Describes various historical types of land transfers by state and Federal government. Includes British, French, and Spanish transfers prior to acqusition by U.S.



 Forensic Procedures for Boundary and Title Investigation

The fact is, forensic science plays as crucial a role in the field of land surveying and title investigation as it does in flesh-and-blood criminology.



 Senior Title Examiner

to prepare for the Senior Title Examiner exam. Provides test-taking information, basic knowledge and hundreds of practice questions with answers to drill the student in the basic skills common to land title examiners.


State specific title training


 Texas Land Title Abstracts


 Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research

The genealogist trying to locate families, the surveyor or attorney researching old deeds, or the historian seeking data on land settlement will find Pennsylvania Land Records an indispensable aid.


 A Handbook For Texas Abstracters and Title Men


 Virginia title examiner's manual,


 A Manual for Title Examiners in Virginia


 Deeds for California Real Estate

Forms and information Californians need to transfer property.

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This page is less about the business side of abstracting and more about the deep passion for history abstractors have. Focuses on the rich and often little known history of the counties we serve. If you have a passion for history please visit.






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