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Essential Tools for Title Examiners, Abstractors and Searchers

Providing accurate on-site title abstracting and records research direct from the courthouse can be difficult without the right tools. TXDILAR members have found the following tools are essential for building a vibrant, efficient and professional title abstracting and courthouse research business. These, recommendations, from successful abstractors, include everything from training and continuing education for abstractors; to powerful online marketing strategies for abstractors; and the latest technology for controlling courthouse research cost while providing fast, superior service to clients.

Basic Training for Title Abstractors

 Real Estate Title Search Abstractor Basic Training

 Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles. . . 

 Introduction to Real Estate Title Search: Abstractor Skills

 Courthouse Indexes Illustrated

 County Courthouse Book

How to search land records and make title examinations for profit (A hearthstone book)

Title Examiner (Career Examination Series) (Career Examination Series)

Title Basics: A Search and Exam Manual for Beginners

Handbook on Petroleum Land Titles

 Searching American Land and Deed Records

Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds

Owner Unknown: Your Guide to Real Estate Treasure Hunting

Intermediate and advanced abstractor training materials

 Interpreting Land Records

 Land & Property Research in the United States

 Forensic Procedures for Boundary and Title Investigation

 Senior Title Examiner

 Handbook for title examiners

 The way and the law of title insurance

State specific title training

 Texas Land Title Abstracts

 A hand book on Florida land titles;: A treatise for title examiners and abstracters.

 Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research

 South Dakota land title guide

 A Handbook For Texas Abstracters and Title Men

 A Handbook For Texas Abstracters and Title Men

 Virginia title examiner's manual,

 A Manual for Title Examiners in Virginia

 The lawyers' handbook on Illinois law of title examination

 Deeds for California Real Estate


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Real Estate Land Title Guides


Remote Access

Title professionals understand that safe, accurate searches simply can not be done outside the courthouse. But smart professionals know  how to access office computers from the courthouse or anywhere else. Now you can too with this Free Trial plus 10% Off!


Hand held scanners

Capshare by Hewlett PackardThe undisputed first choice in hand held scanners for title professionals and courthouse researchers is the Hewlett Packard Capshare. Unfortunately, HP stopped producing this model in 2000. But you can still occasionally find them online. We found ours on eBay. If you find one  -  grab it quick. We paid $700 for our first one and it paid for itself in less than two weeks. So we bought another. Now we wouldn't be without one. Click here to find yours!


Online Fax Services

Abstractors need  to send and receive faxes from wherever they are - even when there is no fax machine available. Online fax services make this possible and save title professionals a lot of time and money in the process.

eFax Plus and . RingCentral are the leading fax services most often used by independent abstractors we surveyed. Both companies offer free trials and local fax numbers.


Brochures, Business Cards and Mailers

If you're still using a local printing company, you're probably paying way too much. Right now you can Save 35% Off All Letterhead, Brochures, Flyers and  Folders or get 75% Off Premium "Custom" Business Cards! with VistaPrint.




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