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Courthouse Researchers Could be Due Millions for Copy Overcharges

How much do you pay for copies at the courthouse? Fifty cents a page? A dollar a page? National companies from outside the jurisdiction pay as little as a dollar for ten thousand pages. See Courthouse for Sale - Cheap

Imagine if the county were to reimburse you the difference for all the copies you've bought in the past five years? You could be due thousands of dollars.

In 2004, a settlement was reached in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of persons who were overcharged for courthouse documents. In November, 2006 two counties in Pennsylvania agreed to rebate $1.6 million to people who had duplicated documents in the clerks' offices since 1996.

If you believe the county has charged you more than what they charge commercial interests outside the county's jurisdiction, you should submit your complaint for  free evaluation by attorneys specializing in this type of case.  Click here for legal help and a free evaluation of your possible case





Suits Filed For State Allowing Public Access to Driver's Personal Information

The suits were filed in regards to how the state allows public access to drivers' personal information. Read


Suit Against Wells Fargo

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wells Fargo bank in Maryland on behalf of residents who recently refinanced their homes. . . Read Suit Against Wells Fargo



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