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Four Top Tech Tools for Research Professionals

(and one you should avoid)

As an independent title abstractor or courthouse researcher  in a technological age there are some innovative tools that are essential to keeping your business efficient, competitive and profitable.  Here's our list of the most essential tools used by successful Title Examiners, Abstractors and Searchers and the one tool you should avoid at all costs.


Tools for Handling Digital Documents
In the past, abstractors were forced to maintain tens of thousands of paper documents for years. Today's high-tech solutions make it easy to turn mountains of paperwork into digital documents you can find and retrieve at the click of a mouse.

Hand-held Portable Scanners

The undisputed first choice in hand held scanners for professional abstractors is the Hewlett Packard Capshare.  You'll save thousands in courthouse copy costs alone.  If you can find one. HP no longer produces this incredible devise, but you can still find new and used models. We found ours on eBay.  Click here for to find yours.

Handling Digital Documents

PaperPort 11 by Nuance is the easiest way to turn piles of paper and reports into organized PDF files that you can quickly find, use and share. Professional  abstractors and researchers save time and have the security of knowing that important documents and reports will never be lost.

". . . amazing software product called "Paperport", makes life so much easier- You should check it out, everything you do can be worked with right on your computer- saved and easily backed up- printed, faxed, emailed and and very easy retrieval for follow up calls . " Virginia abstractor writing to fellow abstractors on 


Mobile Abstracting and Research
With today's high cost of fuel, making trips back and forth from the courthouse to your office is no longer an option. But your customers expect you to to do your research physically at the courthouse and return reports before the end of the day. Fortunately today's technology puts a sudden end to frequent trips to your office just to send to fax reports or pick up new orders that came in while you were at the courthouse. Today you can easily and securely access everything you need from your car parked at the courthouse. With gas prices soaring out of control, it's time to take your office with you everywhere you go. You'll save thousands in fuel cost alone. Two inexpensive solutions make it easy.


Your Company Website
A website to market your services is critical for anyone who is serious about making a living as an independent title abstractor, courthouse researcher or any profession. Your website should be the center of all your marketing efforts.

In today's competitive landscape the Internet is where the action is when it comes to marketing for professional abstractors and courthouse researchers. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, but if you want potential customers to take you seriously, you need a web site and it should look professional. Now it's easy!

It's hard to believe but with today's technology, anyone can produce a professional looking  website in minutes without any programming knowledge for less than $6 per month. You'll want to choose the services of  a hosting company that provides easy-to-use website building tools and plenty of help to promote your site.

A good site builder provided by your host makes it easy for anyone  to get a full featured web site up and running in minutes without technical knowledge - PLUS you can  try it free for 30 days!    You can even promote your new website with $105 in FREE credits  from the some of the best web-based ad services like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo just for trying the Omnis website builder to build your business website. Get started now!


Liability Insurance
Finding affordable errors and omissions insurance is no longer an option for title abstract companies (SIC 6541). Your clients rely on your work to make financial decisions where even a slight error on your part could cost the client thousands and even millions of dollars. That's why E&O insurance is required by most commercial clients and government licensing agencies.

Due to the high demand for title research in the past few years and the influx of untrained abstractors taking online shortcuts to work performed at the courthouse, the cost of insurance that protects against errors and omissions has soared. Even abstractors with years of error-free experience have seen their insurance costs double and sometimes triple. New abstractors or those who have made mistakes in the past may find it impossible to get insurance at any price.

Technology to Avoid
On the surface, government web sites that provide portals to the records they hold may seem like a handy alternative to thorough  research at the courthouse, but reliance on this seemingly useful tool provided by local taxpayers can result in loss of business, claims against your insurance and loss of professional reputation.

Read the Disclaimers! Web sites that publish records online make it clear in the terms of service and disclaimer pages that the information provided is not acceptable for professional or legal research. It may be all right for the casual user or for a professional abstractor's initial inquiry, but for research professionals, these sites are not an appropriate replacement for a trip to the courthouse.

The sites can be useful for preliminary research. But they can also be a shortcut to a negligent report that is based on a service that was not official, not reliable, not accurate and one that will not be held legally responsible for data it provides. These facts are stated in the web site's disclaimer and on the site's "terms of service" page. Your customers deserve better.

National title companies, associations, liability insurance providers and even the web sites that provide this service repeatedly warn against abstractors relying on internet sources for professional research. Simply stated, the warnings say, "Online searches are not acceptable. All searches must be completed at the courthouse."

Perhaps the clearest warning can be found on the web site's disclaimer pages. Almost without exception the disclaimers warn  'USE AT YOUR OWN RISK'

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