About the satellite images you see on this website

The satellite images you see on News for Public Officials come from Google Earth Pro, but Google also provides a fully-enabled version free to the general public.

Google Earth  is a virtual globe program, which integrates detailed satellite images and aerial photos together with maps so that users can view specific homes, businesses and buildings in incredible detail.

People all over the world use the addictive satellite and aerial viewing system to look at houses from space, inspect real estate, plan hiking trips, uncover pollution, view wildlife; even control property taxes -- Or just for the sheer fun of flying over the homes of people you know and visiting places you've never seen without ever leaving your desktop.

Google offers four versions of their popular program

  • Free -for personal use as part of Google Pack
  • Plus - for mapping and GPS enthusiasts
  • Pro - for business, government and professional organizations (The version used by NFPO)
  • Enterprise - for website developers and others who want to integrate their own data sets

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And Google Earth isn't limited to just your browser anymore. Now you can view satellite maps and aerial images on mobile devices like Google Earth Cell Phones, Google GPS Devices, and even Google watches offered on eBay.

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