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Woman charged with stealing toilet paper from courthouse

 A woman from Marshalltown Iowa is accused of stealing toilet paper from the Marshall County Courthouse and could find herself facing years behind bars.

Police Chief Lon Walker told reporters with KPTM that 38-year-old Suzanne Butts was caught last week after a courthouse employee saw her taking three rolls of tissue from a storage closet.

The Chief says Butts has prior theft convictions and could face up to two years in prison if convicted of the new theft charge.

The chief says Butts doesn't work at the courthouse, and he doesn't know why she was there.


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Police: Butts Swiped Toilet Paper From Court
 Suzanne Marie Butts
A Marshalltown woman faces charges of stealing three rolls of toilet paper from the local courthouse and could get prison time.
Courthouse employees said they thought something was up.
"They said they seem to go through a lot of toilet paper at the courthouse," said Marshalltown Police Chief Lon Walker.
Marshalltown police said one of the employees caught Suzanne Marie Butts, of Marshalltown, taking the two-ply from the women's bathroom and called police.
The courthouse parking lot attendant said he knew about toilet paper going missing.
"I've heard they call it the toilet paper caper," said parking lot attendant Gene Seim.
Police said they caught up with Butts outside the courthouse Friday, and she was hiding the toilet paper in her shirt.
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