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Red Light Cameras Cross Secret Line To Take Your Money

How do you know if you've run a red light? Throw out the driver's handbook. There's a new rule in town. When it comes to red light cameras there's a special line that motorists can't cross. Where is it? Here's a clue: it's imaginary.


Lawsuits Against Red Light and Traffic Cameras

  • Sioux Falls and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. alleging city traffic cameras violate South Dakota state code. (Nov-21-06)

  • City of Davenport, IL alleging city traffic cameras violate Illinois state code. (Aug-30-06)
  • Baltimore City et al. alleging inadequate time on amber lights.
  • San Francisco Motorists Win $400,000 settlement in lawsuit claimed the systems are illegal because they are either operated by for-profit companies, or the company is paid a fee from any tickets issued.
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