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Red Light Cameras

Officials Stopped Short By Red Light Camera Lawsuits

 October 21, 2007 -

Officials in Cleveland and Dayton Tennessee have joined a growing list of officials to stop short of red light camera contracts after petitions objected to them and lawsuits popped up around the country, according to the Dayton Mayor Bob Vincent.
The mayor cited a federal lawsuit challenging the Knoxville Tenn. program that has become a stoplight on the drive toward cameras in other cities.

The Knoxville lawsuit filed by Knox County resident Judy Williams against city officials and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., says the local contract violates her civil rights and right to due process of law. The lawsuit charges the contract is vague and designed to generate revenue rather than improve traffic safety.

The suit seeks a permanent injunction against red light cameras, asks that the contract be declared void and asks that money collected through the system be repaid.

Attorney John Kimball represents Cleveland's interest in the case. The lawsuit is nearly 100 pages and covers every conceivable allegation, he said.

“Some of those might apply to Cleveland,” he said, “although Knoxville has a different government structure and a different camera procedure than is being considered here”.

The lawsuit may not be settled anytime soon since the case was transferred to a new judge in August.

"But we want to see how Knoxville reacts to it," Mr. Kimball told the Chattanooga Times Free Press last week.


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More Cases Against Red Light and Traffic Cameras

  • Sioux Falls and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. alleging city traffic cameras violate South Dakota state code. (Nov-21-06)

  • City of Davenport, IL alleging city traffic cameras violate Illinois state code. (Aug-30-06)
  • Baltimore City et al. alleging inadequate time on amber lights.
  • San Francisco Motorists Win $400,000 settlement in lawsuit claimed the systems are illegal because they are either operated by for-profit companies, or the company is paid a fee from any tickets issued.
  • Red Light Cameras Trigger Suit against Davenport


Click here for legal help and a free evaluation of your possible case


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