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Articles by Peter MacKoul
Understanding Privacy Rule Might Have Avoided Virginia Tech Tragedy
About The Author

HIPAA Solutions, LC Corporate Bio
Peter MacKoul, Esq. (President & Chief Operating Officer) is an attorney and technical analyst with over 15 years of legal and technical consulting experience in both public and private sectors for major organizations, including Blue Cross, IBM, Nextel, General Dynamics, educational institutions and local government entities.

He has expertise in HIPAA, IT development, Internet law, handicapped access to technology and healthcare issues involving law, technology, privacy, and security. He served as a subject matter expert on HIPAA Privacy and Security for the State of Texas Governor’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC), which was tasked with creating recommendations on healthcare related IT privacy and security issues for the State legislature, including issues related to Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO’s).

His practical experience in Privacy and Security Risks related to HIPAA includes conducting GAP Analysis, creating policies and procedures and addressing tracking of internal usage, requests, and disclosures of PHI involving large covered entities. He has HIPAA expertise in Federal Statutory, Constitutional and case law analysis interpreting and defining HIPAA statutory and regulatory requirements and has consulted with a variety of legal and technical entities on HIPAA topics.

Mr. MacKoul has advised law firms, healthcare providers, insurance groups, CPA’s, hospitals, banks, local government entities and technology groups on a wide variety of practical HIPAA issues related to business operations.

He has published articles on issues related to HIPAA and created training resources for organizations dealing with HIPAA compliance and has been a featured speaker on issues of privacy and security for regional IT security conferences (TRISC), .the Texas Healthcare Association (THA), technology events sponsored by Microsoft and the Texas Head Start Association.

Mr. MacKoul’s legal background includes serving as an Appellate Public Defender and Prosecutor in the State of Massachusetts, as an outside counsel ERISA Attorney for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Retirement Fund, and as counsel for a private State Street law firm in Boston, MA. He has successfully represented a wide variety of clients and organizations practicing in varied areas of the law.

HIPAA Solutions, LC provides comprehensive cost-effective compliance resources for local governments, school districts, healthcare providers, and business.


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