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  1. Retired government employees asked to repay $28,000 each
  2. Alleged Identity Thief Used Stolen Identities of Children to Purchase Homes
  3. Illegal Aliens, State Troopers Exchange Fire in Tyler, TX
  4. Mexican drug cartels rig elections to take over U.S. cities
  5. U.S. lawmen outgunned along Mexican border
  6. Suffolk County, NY Taxpayers Privacy Petition
  7. Comparison Shopping For Campaign Literature
  8. Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth
  9. Grand Jury asks officials to warn taxpayers
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  1. Suits, Charges Plague State and County Technology Vendors
  2. Former County Clerk Released from Prison
  3. Deputies in Texas, Police in Florida Scammed
  4. Media Misinterprets Ruling on Health Info & Public Records
  5. Redaction Scheme Fails - Governor's SS Number Still Online
  6. Government Agencies, Foreign Companies Collide Over Online Records Issue
  7. Police fear being hunted down with realty records
  8. Class Action Suit Pending for State's IT People
  9. Identity details found on state site
  10. Hackers Break Into State Department Computers
  11. County Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts
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  1. AP's Investigative Report of the Year
  2. National Title Association President Denounces Bulk Sale of Public Records
  3. Florida Supreme Court Rules on Online Records Issue
  4. Government Agencies, Foreign Corporations Collide Over Document Security
  5. Making A List...
  6. Expunged Records Only Expunged 'In Writing'
  7. County Recorder Proposes Changes to Online Record System
  8. Details Emerge in ACS Bribery Case
  9. More of your information than you think might be online
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  1. Travis County Pulls County Documents Offline
  2. Counties Taking Documents Offline Nationwide
  3. Companies & Criminals Seizing and Selling Documents Online
  4. EBAY Auction To Sell Documents From Every Online County In the U.S.
  5. County Website Contains personal information
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  1. County Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts
  2. Fort Bend County Clerk Subpoenaed In Tom Delay Case
  3. The Unending Cost of Voting Machines
  4. Lawsuit challenges electronic voting in Texas
  5. County Recorder Proposes Changes to Online Record System
  6. Lawsuit Filed Against Chesapeake Clerk of Courts
  7. CalPERS Calls for Investigation of ACS Stock Option Issues
  8. Online County Gives Identity Thieves an Edge
  9. County Records in the News
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  • Counties Could Recover Millions in Class Action Suit
  • AG rules against county's attempt to withhold HIPAA audit
  • National Title Association Warns Counties Against Online Records
  • County Considers Offering Title Insurance to its Residents
  • County Clerk's Pirated Software Case Remanded
  • Suit Filed Against Voting Machine Vendors
  • America's Loneliest County
  • County Records in the News
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  1. AP Names Article About County Records "Investigative Report of the Year"
  2. AG rules against county's attempt to withhold HIPAA audit
  3. Voting Machine Glitches Plague Counties
  4. TX Comptroller sues A.G. to keep birth dates private
  5. County to study I.D. theft prevention
  6. Develop, Promote and Populate a professional campaign website for less than $25
  7. The Border as a Texas Sheriff Sees It
  8. Sheriff's Wife Becomes Victim of Identity Theft
  9. E-Voting 2006: The Approaching Train Wreck
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  1. Online Counties Blow CIA Cover
  2. ACS faces charges, investigations
  3. County Recorder's Documents Confiscated from Home and Office
  4. Investigation Launched into Record Storage Arrangement
  5. County Website Hacked?
  6. TX Sheriffs Warn of Terrorist Breaches
  7. E-Records - The Dilemma and the Spoon-Feeding of Criminals.
  8. Suit filed over Web site
  9. State Attorney General Investigates County Clerk
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  1. To All The County Clerks Of Texas
  2. Fort Bend County Refuses Open Records Request for Federal Privacy Compliance Audit
  3. The Truth About Redaction Software
  4. Suit filed over Web site
  5. County was warned about SSN issues
  6. Crime Ring Steals SS#s From County Website
  7. Reader's Comments and Views
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  1. Lawsuit Debates County's Control of Records Access
  2. Clip-Clip , Paste-Past and Their Home Was His
  3. Online Records Linked to Identity Theft and Worse
  4. Courts, Law Enforcement and the Public React
  5. County Publishes Sensitive Information Online
  6. Clerk/Recorder's Association Faces Claims of Illegal Activity
  7. Quick Facts
  8. Related Articles
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  1. Courthouse for Sale Cheap!
  2. The Lives of Three Citizens
  3. Broadcast It To The World? Or Keep It At the Courthouse?
  4. County Residents and Leaders Speak Out


  1. When Government Officials Aren't What They Seem
  2. Privacy for Pets? Yes. Privacy for People? No.
  3. Meet the Stalkers - Fort Bend County, Texas tops the list in this consumer report.
  4. Terrorists Access to County Records
  5. The People vs Local Government
  6. America For Sale Inquire Online - How government agencies play a part in protecting or exposing citizens to terrorists, identity fraud, stalkers, and international exploitation.
  8. Counties could be ID theft source KHOU-TV Fort Bend County, Texas
  9. County purges Web site - Cincinnati Post
  10. Judges taken off Allegheny County real estate Web site - Security concerns cited in wake of shootings
  11. Thief steals home - WFAA-TV - Thief uses internet and stolen signature in Denton County Texas - Frisco police called a thief's robbery a new twist on identity theft.
  12. Rampant Deed Fraud In Florida - Investigators acknowledge criminals used online sources.
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Federal Judge Orders County Imaging Software Destroyed
Special Report from News For County Officials

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