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  Bulk Transfer and Remote Access Issues Newsletter Archives  December 2005
December 2005 Bulk Transfer and Remote Access
News For County Officials Special Report
in this issue

Courthouse for Sale Cheap!
Courthouse for Sale - Cheap

10,000 pages for $1.00 or all twenty million records for just $2,000. Local citizens pay a dollar a page but foreign accounts can Buy in Bulk and Save Millions!

Act Now and receive, as a bonus gift, thousands of personal identifiers, medical and financial records. Everything you need to start your own identity theft ring or terrorist cell.

Read Testimonials from successful terrorists, stalkers, and identity thieves and the whining complaints of judges, citizens and government security agencies.

Try before you buy - Three free profile reports on citizens as told and sold from the county Website.

Act now Before the pesky locals find out

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. These are the official records of the Fort Bend County Clerk

Learn the whole story behind this satire.

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Remote Access and Bulk Transfers

The Texas Constitution promises, "The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions, from all unreasonable seizures or searches"

But today, a county's greatest asset can be seized from the courthouse and carried off in a single briefcase while criminals on the other side of the world search through our papers to strip us of our identity, dignity, and security.

The Lives of Three Citizens

As told told and sold on the county Web site

News for County Officials examined documents indexed to three Fort Bend County citizens. We learned more than we ever wanted to know about a famous politician, a prominent businessman and a former county employee.

The documents are typical of documents held in courthouses across Texas. If you've ever wondered what details data brokers, stalkers and terrorists can learn about you from county documents published online - here is your chance to find out.

Broadcast It To The World? Or Keep It At the Courthouse?

Exporting America one County at a time

On one side, data brokers, foreign data miners, terrorists, stalkers, identity thieves, and some journalists and county officials claim they have a right to see your information sold in bulk and broadcast to the world . On the other side, many law enforcement agencies, judges, security experts, legislators, journalists and crime victims are speaking up to warn citizens and government officials to keep it at home.

We searched the Internet to gather testimony and motives from those in favor and those against exporting our most valuable asset, the American people. Not surprisingly the taxpayers fall on the side of those who want the records kept at the Courthouse where they filed them. You can decide for yourself the motivation of those who want the records published on the Internet.

County Residents and Leaders Speak Out

Most Fort Bend County residents learned only last week the County Clerk has been routinely publishing their records over the Internet for years and selling the documents in bulk "every day".

The Fort Bend Herald is doing a series of articles asking County Clerk Dianne Wilson to answer why policies she touts as being "aggressively progressive" are so aggressive to the citizens and progressive to those outside her jurisdiction who traffic in their information.

County Clerk Dianne Wilson sold millions of Fort Bend's records

'P ublic record' takes on new meaning in county

I nformation found on Internet aids ID theft

R ecords officials differ on Internet availability

Last month, News for County Officials learned Wilson claims a PhD. from a Wyoming school the United States General Accounting Office defines as a diploma mill selling degrees for profit over the Internet. See: When Government Officials Aren't What They Seem



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