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    When Government Officials Aren't What They Seem

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News For County Officials November 2005
in this issue
-- When Government Officials Aren't What They Seem
-- Privacy for Pets? Yes. Privacy for People? No.
-- Important Articles Concerning Remote Access To Your Records
-- If You Don't Own Your Records - Who Does?

When Government Officials Aren't What They Seem
Texas officials and Pennsylvania cats tout misleading credentials - Identity deception can take many forms. A diploma mill degree, for example, may cause employers and taxpayers to assume a candidates credentials are genuine.  Unless the deception is discovered, diploma mill customers adorn their identities with unearned titles before and after their name. Last year, Dallas based Trinity Southern University awarded a Masters degree to a Pennsylvania cat.

News for County Officials has learned that one well-known Texas County Clerk serving on the Supreme Court’s "Judicial Committee on Information Technology" Task Force claims a PhD. from a Wyoming school the United States General Accounting Office defines as a diploma mill.

The United States General Accounting Office: Office of Special Investigations ended a three-year investigation . . .

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Privacy for Pets? Yes. Privacy for People? No.
Recent Texas Attorney General and U.S. Federal Court Rulings give Texas dogs and Michigan citizens greater protection than Texas clerks or citizens

Two days after denying Hale County the authority to block the bulk transfer of sensitive records, the Texas Attorney General’s office prohibited Harris County Animal Control from transferring the same information. In Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Opinion No. GA-0367, dated October 14, 2005 the AG’s office prohibited Harris County from releasing the addresses, phone numbers, and names of pets owners to companies for commercial use.

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Important Articles Concerning Remote Access To Your Records


News For County Officials monitors the headlines to bring you the most important articles and government reports.


Meet the Stalkers - Fort Bend County, Tx tops the list in this consumer report.


Terrorists Access to County Records

Online access to local county records may save the local public a trip across town. It saves foreign terrorists a trip across the world.


The People vs Local Government - Class action suits have been filed from Alaska to Ohio against state and county governments who publish the community records online. This article highlights one case.


America For Sale Inquire Online - How government agencies play a part in protecting or exposing citizens to terrorists, identity fraud, stalkers, and international exploitation.


TITLE ASSOCIATION ISSUES STATEMENT AGAINST ONLINE RECORDS - warning to county officials of the threat they are exposing their constituents to by placing the records online.


Counties could be ID theft source KHOU-TV


County purges Web site - Cincinatti Post - "I have seen increasing numbers of identity theft, we have had a number of cases where police have told me the bad guys got the information used to steal identities from my Web site." Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann


Judges taken off Allegheny County real estate Web site - Security concerns cited in wake of shootings


Thief steals home - WFAA-TV - Thief uses internet and stolen signature in Denton County Texas - Frisco police called a thief's robbery a new twist on identity theft. Not only did the suspect steal a homeowner's identity, but the criminal also stole her house as well. This may be new to Texans, but Florida has faced this type of fraud almost sense the first deed images were placed online. See Rampant Deed Fraud In Florida - Investigators acknowledge criminals used online sources.

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If You Don't Own Your Records - Who Does?

A humorous presentation on what some companies have in mind.

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