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  Judge Orders County Software Destroyed Archived Newsletter October, 05,2005
Federal Judge Orders County Imaging Software Destroyed
Special Report from News For County Officials

U.S. District Judge Victoria A. Roberts has ordered the destruction of imaging and indexing programs in fourteen Texas counties. Hundreds of counties in Texas and nationwide may unknowingly be using components of pirated software.

We hope the following special report will help you determine if your contractor may have installed pirated programs on your county systems and what you can do to protect your records.

Federal Judge Orders County Imaging Software Destroyed
In a default judgment by the U.S. District Court Eastern Division in Michigan, the court found that Akhilesh Argawal and Aditya International of India infringed on a copyright held by Digital Filing Systems of Novi, Michigan. The court awarded the default judgment citing copyright infringement; awarded Digital the right to issue cease and desist orders to anyone using DigiCourt, DigiFile, DigiRecord, or any similar software. Fourteen counties in Texas have already received cease and desist orders from Digital Filing Systems, LLC.

Most individuals would be surprised to learn it is not simply the software that is at risk, but the images and indexes created by the pirated program, as well. Software companies often routinely claim ownership and control over the images that result from the use of their programs. This claim is made under the same laws that provide photographers with ownership rights over negatives. Unless the software contract specifically gives ownership rights to the software user, the rights to the images may remain with the software developer.

The number of affected counties in Texas and nationwide is likely to grow as Digital uncovers resellers and government agencies who may have unknowingly distributed or implemented the pirated programs under their various names.

In an effort to assist county officials in determining if their counties or citizens may be at risk, News For County Officials has identified many of the trade names, resellers, and publishers of the suspect programs. Frontier Consulting announced themselves as the publisher and Aditya as the developer of DigiCourt some time . . . Read The Complete Report

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If you need more information or would like a copy of the Order of Judgment affected counties have already received please email me at


David Bloys
News For County Officials


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