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July 20, 2006

July 20, 2006 Issues and articles important to public officials and the people who elect them
News For Public Officials
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Suits, Charges Plague State and County Technology Vendors

The accusations include bribery, computer piracy, improper access by foreign entities, privacy breaches, inadequate customer service, questionable business practices, unjust enrichment, stock option backdating, and foreign ownership. . .

Former County Clerk Released from Prison

According to federal prosecutors, the clerk was the recipient of a kickback, valued at $60,000, in exchange for a $1.28 million contract to digitize and place county land records on a database.

Deputies in Texas, Police in Florida Scammed

Provided access to "secure" database

Nineteen year old Justin A. Perras from New Bedford, Massachusetts is accused of conning the Denton County Sheriff's Department in Texas and police in Florida into providing passwords . . .

Media Misinterprets Ruling on Health Info & Public Records

Confusion and misinterpretation surround a recent Texas Appellate Court ruling related to the Texas Public Information laws and the Federal medical privacy regulations in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. . .

Redaction Scheme Fails - Governor's SS Number Still Online

Florida Governor Jeb Bush's Social Security number remains on websites worldwide months after it was removed from County website. . . . Redaction Failures

Government Agencies, Foreign Companies Collide Over Online Records Issue

Data brokers, foreign data miners, terrorists, stalkers, identity thieves, some journalists and some county officials say they have a right to to access deed records from anywhere in the world . . .

Law enforcement, legislators and citizens disagree

Police fear being hunted down with realty records

Police officers say Mecklenburg County's online real estate records may put them in danger, and the department wants the county to make their personal information harder to find. . . .

Class Action Suit Pending for State's IT People

Information technology (IT) people: wrongly classified as exempt

Thousands of government IT workers may be due overtime for lost wages in the past seven years.

Identity details found on state site

More than 2 million documents - thousands containing individuals' Social Security numbers - had been available for online perusal.


Hackers Break Into State Department Computers

Investigators believe hackers stole sensitive U.S. information and passwords and implanted backdoors in unclassified government computers to allow them to return at will, said U.S. officials . . .


County Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts

The county recorder for Clark County, Nevada was charged with 19 felony counts for allegedly selling 32 years worth of real estate documents.

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