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Counties Could Recover Millions in Class Action Suit

Online companies accused of underpaying taxes

Suits, Charges Plague State Technology Vendors

A long list of suits and even criminal charges have been brought against many of the best known government technology providers.

Class action filed against Boone County Board and County Treasurer

Wallace Ramsay claims Boone County Board members broke the law and he wants to do something about it. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the board and treasurer, Carolynn Knox, alleging the 2005 and 2006 budgets were approved in violation of Illinois law. The lawsuit claims the County Board held seven illegal special meetings over the past two years and therefore the approval of the budgets is null and void. The complaint asks for declaratory relief, seeking property tax refunds for Boone County residents. The Illinois Compiled Statute 55ILCS 5/2-1002 notes "Special meetings of the Board shall be held only when requested by at least one-third of the members of the board...which request shall be in writing, addressed to the clerk of the board, and specifying the time and place of such meeting..."

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Ft. Bend County Refuses Open Records Request That Could Implicate Clerk in Federal Privacy Violations

Indiana Recorder's Association Faces Claims of Illegal Activity

Charges allege there is no state law to support a $1-per-page fee for printouts of digital records

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