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Making A List...
"Enough is enough!" I said. If our back-slapping elected officials aren't going to do anything . . 

North Carolina Paralegal

To all the county clerks of Texas

"It is unfortunate that county clerks remain . . .


Lisa Ramsey -  Paralegal

"I only wish we here in Michigan had read it when it was first published! I hope to hear from both of you soon and any suggestions you may have".

Ginny McLaren, Tuscola County Michigan Register of Deeds

E-Records… The Dilemma and the Spoon-Feeding of Criminals.

By Jason C. Sheppard , TruClose Financial Services, LLC 

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Mildred Dodak, Register of Deeds,, Saginaw County, Michigan



Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that on December 22, 2005 the Federal Court ruled in our favor with the third and final charge. If you would like a copy of the ruling send me a fax number and I'll get it to you. This is a great win for Michigan. I have had Cook County contact me, it seems that First American Title is trying to do the same in Ohio. I can only hope that what has happened in Michigan will help other states.



Thank you for sending the News Letter and I just wanted to let you know that our case has gone to the Federal Court of Appeals. I guess this will never end. I'll try to keep you informed as this proceeds. Mean while the Land Title Assoc. here in Michigan is trying to introduce legislation that gives them everything they have lost at the court level. Of course we are fighting it and I am going to use your articles when we go to testify before the House Committee in March.

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National Land Title Association President Denounces Bulk Sale of Public Records

Testimony Before Michigan Legislature



Expresses grave concerns and opposes the online publication of the Public Records

Citizens react nationwide with letters to the editors

Citizen reaction to local government publishing their records online is consistently unfavorable. . .






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