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Is a government website displaying your private information?


Millions of Americans are struggling to convince elected officials to remove Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information from government websites. Some ID theft victims have been forced to hire lawyers and file lawsuits against their own government.


It can be very difficult to stop careless government websites from exposing your information but one identity theft protection program can help stop ID theft criminals from selling your information online.


Lifelock ULTIMATE identity theft protection scans known criminal websites for illegal selling of your private information. This can help prevent identity thieves from selling your private data to other criminals.


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Learn how comprehensive identity theft protection works to protect you from criminals when government websites compromise your security.


I Know Who You Are

Jan Forster -

Reprinted with permission
I know who you are. I know who you married and where you two live now and even where you used to live. I know which bank you used when you bought a home, the account number, how much you borrowed, and when your final payment is due. I can tell you the name of the person who prepared those documents and which lawyer closed the loan and where. And if you want proof, I can send your social security number.

I have a copy of your signature, a photo of your home, and complete directions on how to get there. The photo shows your car in the drive, so now I know if you're single or married, what you drive, and where you live.
Info About You Commonly Found on County Websites:


  • Your Social Security Number

  • Driver's License Number

  • Your Credit Card Numbers

  • Your Bank Account Number

  • Your Medical Information

  • Your Current & Past Address

  • Your Age and Date of Birth

  • Your Private Phone Number

  • Your Mother's Maiden Name

  • Your Children's Name & Age


    Read the Lives of Three Citizens as Told and Sold On The County Website


  • LifeLock ultimate 

    I can read your separation agreement, know who got the big screen TV, who got the retirement account, and where the kids will be this weekend and with whom. I even know why you broke up. The divorce looked nasty, I read pages and pages of sordid detail, but couldn't keep from laughing about the stinky fish you left in the swimming pool last summer.

    I saw your father's will. That was nice of him to include you, and I also saw a picture of the home he left you and your sister (I have her name and address, too). He was sick for a long time but it looks like his doctors tried everything possible and his nurse seemed like a sweet person. I read about them all. Hmm. Maybe I'll send a nice note, since I have all their addresses.

    It's scary to realize his death certificate, social security number, signature, and accounts are all so available. I hope someone doesn't steal his entire identity. After all, you've been through enough lately and probably wouldn't even realize it until creditors began calling asking why he wasn't paying his bills. Then again, the thieves might just steal his home by filling in a blank deed and recording it. They have his signature and it 'copy and paste' isn't exactly rocket science.

    I saw the complete list of medicine your dad was taking and you may want to ask your doctor about that third one, there's been some controversy over it in the news lately.

    I was happy to see you strike out on your own when you started that new business! - and then sad to see the liens against you when your business failed. The judge's decision when you went to court was fair, though, don't you think? Oh, and it's a shame about those speeding tickets, you know your insurance will probably increase now.

    How did I learn all this? I'm not a private investigator, and I didn't spend a penny. In fact, I never even left home to learn this much about you. I simply clicked. I sat down at my computer and visited your county's recorder, register of deeds, and clerk's office websites.

    I know who you are, but you have nothing to fear from me. What I read about you is forgotten in minutes. A thief or stalker may not be as forgetful.

    If you want to know what I know about you, just send me an email. I'll be happy to give you the details and then tell you how to stop your county websites from broadcasting your life to the world.

    Your local registry and county clerks say that you don't care, that's why they're selling all your information to data brokers and posting it online. So tell me, do you care?

    Learn how LifeLock works to protect your identity when government websites compromise your security.


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