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Complete Guide to Home Improvement Tax Credits, Discounts and Rebates

Home Star, Cash for Caulkers, Energy Star and Beyond


The federal government has expanded the scope of energy efficiency incentives for Energy Star Rated home renovations, home improvements and appliances. A 30 percent federal tax credit, various Energy Star rebates, state energy efficiency tax credits, and appliance rebates through participating local contractors can really add up, making this a great time to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Eligible Home Improvements

The government is offering a federal rebate of up to $3,000 on energy-efficient home upgrades under the Home Star Program. These include eligible insulation, roofs, central air and heating, as well as windows and doors. Your local utility and government entities may also offer additional rebates.

Rebates of $1000 - $3000 and up to 50% of cost may be available through local contractors.


Get Free Home Improvement Rebate Quotes


Important To Act Quickly

Remember last year's Cash for Clunkers program? That program ran out of funding within days of becoming law. Don't miss out on this year's cash rebate program. To take advantage of the government incentives to update your home, you'll want to act quickly. Contact your local officials for details or get free quotes from participating local contractors.


Financing Your Home Star Improvement

The Home Star Program provides an incredible 50 percent reduction in the cost of your project but many people may need a little help with the balance. Money is available even in today's economy if you know where to look. In fact, rates are at all-time lows. You may want to investigate home improvement lenders on your own.


Don't forget to ask your contractor about financing. Home improvement contractors often provide financing with better rates and more flexible terms for their customers. Some of these home project loans are interest free or may require no payments for many months. Get quotes from local contractors and ask about financing options.


Rebates Vary by Location

In addition to federal energy rebates, each utility or state has specific requirements and terms for rebates for local homeowners. Your local utility or government agency may offer rebates or tax credits. For example, in Minnesota, rebates range from $30 for a Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Rating (SEER) 13 central air conditioner to $330 for a SEER 16 model. In warmer climates like Texas, rebates range from $200 for a SEER 14 central AC unit to $600 for a SEER 18 model.


Home Appliances


The "Cash for Appliances" program provides incentives to anyone who wants to upgrade home appliances to the latest energy-efficient environmentally-friendly models or make energy efficient home improvements. You don't have to trade in your old appliances. You will simply receive a rebate when you buy a qualifying new appliance.


To get the most from your remodeling and home appliance rebates on products like hot water heaters, built-in appliances or anything that may require professional installation, you'll want to get quotes from local kitchen, appliance, and bath contractors certified to install energy efficient appliances in your area.



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