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The former Jackson County, Mississippi Chancery Clerk, Lynn Presley has been released from prison after completing 84 months of his 10-year prison sentence for embezzling county funds in the late 1990s.

According to federal prosecutors, Presley was the recipient of a kickback, valued at $60,000, in exchange for providing the county's former chief land appraiser a contract with Florida-based Mainline Corporation. The contract was to digitize and place county land records on a database. Presley  claimed the funds were loan from the firm. Following an in-depth investigation, the funds were uncovered in an off-shore bank account in the Cayman Islands.

According to an article in The Mississippi Press, Presley's sentence followed a 28-count indictment on charges of embezzling $1.28 million from accounts administered by the chancery clerk's office.

Presley pled guilty in 1999 to six counts of embezzlement. As part of his plea agreement, Presley resigned and agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

According to the company website, Mainline Corporation is a leading provider of document management and imaging systems for governmental entities responsible for processing official records.

Don Hearn, the former chief county land appraiser, spent 33 months in federal prison for his alleged involvement in the fraud.

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