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Federal Jury Awards Woman $351,000 In ID Theft Lawsuit

A Virginia woman whose Social Security number was stolen by a temporary employee at a hospital where the ID theft victim gave birth has won $351,000 in damages after a trial. Equifax Information Services LLC was ordered to pay the woman the damages after attempts to restore her credit at the three major credit agencies failed. The woman reached settlements with the other two credit agencies and CitiFinancial, which the victim accused of sending an account she did not open to collections, which resulted in harassing calls from debt-collection agencies.

More than two years after her Social Security number was stolen, Sloane's credit score was still hundreds of points lower than it was before the identity theft, she said in January

Confidential settlements had been reached with Experian, TransUnion and CitiFinancial.

If you are a victim of identity theft you may be due compensation.

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