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Even the most highly trained and skillful real estate title search abstractor needs to stay on top of changes in technology and title search law. Note: Some of these books are rare and may not be available at the time you are reading this. When you find what you want you should add it to your library while you can.


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Training for Title Abstractors

 The Abstractor's Bible: A Complete System for Searching a Real Estate Title and Analyzing Court House Real Estate Records [Includes a searchable CD-ROM]
 Property Title Forensics Course Manual

The Property Title Forensics Course Manual will help you learn how to do real estate title investigations. Author David Pelligrinelli is a leader in the real estate industry, with over 25 years specializing in title searches, document research, and investigations. As a licensed investigator, he has created a system and approach to understanding and analyzing real estate documents that is valuable to the needs of the client.


 Real Estate Title Search Abstractor Basic Training

Obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to better understand the processes of a real estate title search. . . .



Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles 

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles, Abstracts of Titles have long been the subject of complaint, not less on the account of the confused and ambiguous legal description which the material parts of the deeds and instruments
are commonly stated.


 Courthouse Indexes Illustrated

A "must" for anyone doing courthouse research either in person, online or with microfilm. Over 30 index illustrations from courthouses, with easy step-by-step explanations on how to use the records to conduct real estate title search, genealogic searches and more. 


 County Courthouse Book

Featuring updated coverage of 3,125 county jurisdictions and 1,577 New England towns and independent cities . . .



Title Basics: A Search and Exam Manual for Beginners

"recommend it's use for beginning real estate title search abstractors today . . .  easy to understand and use as a training tool"


How to Get Started in the Real Estate Appraisal Business

Real estate appraisers are in high demand and top earners can make a bundle. Whether you seek a full-time profession or a flexible part-time job, How to Get Started in the Real Estate Appraisal Business provides all the inside information to start making money, now.

Appraisal Principles and Procedures

 American society of Appraisers 1994 Developed for students, teachers Covering: the fundamentals of Property appraisal


Handbook on Petroleum Land Titles

Guide to reconciling the requirement for legal accuracy in the landman's activities including conduct of the title examination, ownership and transfer of title to oil and gas and curing real estate title defects. 


The Appraisal of Mineral Rights

The Appraisal of Mineral Rights is a meant as a guide to valuing minerals, particularly oil and gas properties, as real property interests. This work is intended for the appraiser, the real estate agent, and the average mineral owner who needs a valuation that can be used for internal estate

 Searching American Land and Deed Records

Explains the use of land records, real estate divisions, measurements, charters, change of ownerships, bounty lands, homesteading, and independent city records.


The ABCs of Title Closing

A beginner's guide to becoming a title closer. This book includes basic material, forms, and step by step guides to performing the functions of a title closer.


Intermediate and advanced title search abstractor training


 Interpreting Land Records

The difficult task of real estate boundary retracement begins with three substantial steps: recovering real estate records, determining the significance of those records, and applying the findings to conditions on the ground.  Interpreting real estate Records thoroughly details everything title abstractors need to know to formulate sound, defendable opinions, including how courts interpret ambiguous words and conflicts between words in documents, and between those words and items outside the documents.




 Land & Property Research in the United States

Good basic introduction to initial property research in U.S. Describes various historical types of real estate transfers by state and Federal government. Includes British, French, and Spanish transfers prior to acquisition by U.S.



 Forensic Procedures for Boundary and Title Investigation

The fact is, forensic science plays as crucial a role in the field of land surveying and title investigation as it does in flesh-and-blood criminology.



 Senior Title Examiner

to prepare for the Senior Title Examiner exam. Provides test-taking information, basic knowledge and hundreds of practice questions with answers to drill the student in the basic skills common to real estate title search examiners.


State specific title training


 Texas Land Title Abstracts


 A Handbook For Texas Abstracters and Title Men


 Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research

The genealogist trying to locate families, the surveyor or attorney researching old deeds, or the historian seeking data on real estate settlement will find Pennsylvania Land Records an indispensable aid.


 Virginia title examiner's manual,


 A Manual for Title Examiners in Virginia


 Deeds for California Real Estate

Forms and information Californians need to transfer property.

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