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Things to Consider Before You Buy Property in Arizona

Whether you are interested in a home, raw land, investment property or even a vacation home in Arizona, it is important to find a property with lasting value and low local maintenance cost. For an investment that will provide you with the best value now and for years to come you should consider local taxes, home insurance and mortgage rates as well as the cost of any repairs and improvements.


Arizona Property Taxes

It is a good idea to check out the local real estate taxes before you invest. Property tax in Arizona is assessed and administered by the County Assessor for the county where the property is located.  Considering property in a neighboring county could save you a ton of money in property tax. The State of Arizona Department of Revenue provides links to county websites and helpful reports to help you determine what your taxes should be.


Arizona Foreclosures

Like most states, Arizona has seen a rise in foreclosures in recent years. This can be a great opportunity for both first time home buyers and investors. It can also help you determine the low end value on comparable properties you are considering. Foreclosed properties are often but not always in need of repairs. Browsing detailed foreclosure listings, sheriff sales, short sale and rent-to-own-properties in Arizona can help you determine the value of neighboring homes in the area or you may find the perfect investment in one of these must-sell properties.

Cost of Home Insurance

Homeowner's insurance can be significant part of your monthly payment. Your lender will probably require it and may recommend a policy. But the bank's favorite agency isn't necessarily right one for you or the one that will save you the most money. Its a good idea to compare the policy your lender suggests with offers from local home insurance agents.

Independent Appraisal, Inspection, Repair and Improvement

Few homes are perfect. Unless it is a new home from a builder you know and comes with a substantial warranty, any home can contain hidden problems that could cost you. It is a good idea to have your prospective property appraised and inspected before you commit. If you already know about repairs that need to be made you can use this to negotiate a better price or ask the seller for a discount. Knowing the cost of needed repairs or improvements you want will give you a big advantage. You may want to talk to local home contractors for quotes and suggestions. Often, local home professionals are aware of home improvement tax credits and rebates that may not be available outside the local area. ServiceMaster provides a free service to connect you with pre-screened local professionals for just about every type of home improvement or repair you can imagine. You can reach them by phone at 877-775-3495 or click here for online help.


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