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ACS Named Among Top Outsourcers
Source of Title   9/20/2006

Reprinted with permission

Affiliated Computer Services, a leading provider of business process outsourcing and information technology solutions, announced on September 20, 2006 that it has been named to's top outsourcer list for 2006. is the leading global support organization for the contact center industry.


ACS ranked among the top three in several categories for this year's awards, including top outsourcer by most business-to-business agents; top outsourcer by number of contact centers; top outsourcer by number of agents; and top outsourcer by most business-to-consumer agents.

"This award program recognizes performance in terms of sales, size, specialty, and growth," said Raj Wadhwani, the president of ContactCenterWorld. "For far too long, the industry has been asking us for this sort of information and in the absence of third-party data, we decided to produce the rankings ourselves and share this information with our 90,000 members."

"Our esteemed ranking by underscores ACS' exceptional growth and global capacity in customer care," said Ann Vezina, the group president of ACS' commercial solutions. "We have a tremendous breadth, depth, and quality of service supporting the needs of clients and customers across the globe, and we take great pride in being a world-class leader in customer care solutions."

ACS operates nearly 100 call centers around the world, supported by almost 18,000 customer care agents. The company's array of outsourcing offerings includes technical support and various other services for both commercial and government clients.

Despite what ACS considers as an achievement, a recent study by White & Case, LLP, a New York-based law firm, and Ponemon Institute, a think-tank organization in Palo Alto, California, indicated that the majority of Americans believe that their private information, including financial and health, should not leave U.S. shores.

The study indicated that almost 90 percent of those surveyed were strongly opposed to their patient health records being turned over to any foreign company while approximately 70 percent strongly opposed that their financial information, including mortgage information, personal banking information or credit or debit card numbers, be dispersed to any foreign company.

"That so many Americans are concerned about sensitive personal data going overseas isn't surprising, given the growing threat of identity theft," said Steve Betensky, a partner with White & Case. "But, what makes this so challenging for U.S. companies is that while consumers don't want their information sent overseas, 73 percent...said that they are unwilling to pay higher prices for products or services."

One U.S. Senator has led the way on investigating exactly what information is being outsourced. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California recently requested that a full investigation into offshore outsourcing of American citizens' personal data be launched by federal agencies and private contractors.

"I'm concerned that overseas outsourcing of sensitive personal data may be putting fundamental American privacy protections at risk," Feinstein said.


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