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5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Fundraising

By Mark Montini

Reprinted with permission

You’ve probably thought about it. You know you have to do it. And everyone advising your campaign is nagging you to get started. But for some reason, you just haven’t been able to start raising money for your campaign.

Don’t worry. It’s not unusual. Just about every candidate who’s ever run for office has been in your position.

That’s why we’ve developed this Hot Tip to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get your fundraising off to a successful start. It literally has everything you need. This Hot Tip includes instructions, letters, scripts, notes, lists, and more.

If you’ll take a few hours a day for the next few days to follow these steps, you’ll have money rolling into your campaign in no time.

Most of our clients raise $2,000-$3,000 by following these steps – regardless of the office they’re seeking. We’ve even had a few clients raise over $5,000!

In one case, a candidate for school board in a small rural town raised $7,650 by following these five steps. That was $2,650 more than he’d budgeted for his entire campaign!

Oh yeah, that’s not all. You know all those people nagging you about raising money? If you follow the steps outlined in this Hot Tip, you’ll be able to tell them to go jump in a lake -- because you’ll have a full-fledged fundraising effort up and running on your campaign!

There are a few minor housekeeping items before we get into the meat of this Hot Tip.

First, some states have laws that require you to meet certain criteria before you can legally begin to raise money for your campaign. Please double-check to ensure you have met all the criteria required to begin legally raising money for your campaign.


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