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Campaign Post Cards10 Mistakes to avoid when campaign marketing with postcards

Whether you are running for president or the local school board, postcard marketing is a cost effective way to create positive name recognition and generate votes for your election campaign  IF you avoid these ten common mistakes made by campaign managers and small business.


Mistakes To Avoid For Your Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Campaign
By Toni Grundstrom

The direct mail marketing postcard is an inexpensive yet powerful marketing tool. It's success is with the use of repetition and avoiding these common mistakes.

There are common mistakes made creating and sending marketing campaign postcards, that will be the difference between success and failure of your campaign, that are easily avoided.

Not Targeting the Best Prospects

Business to consumer marketing with postcards is only effective if you segment out your target audience. Once you have a list of consumers who have similar needs you can send them information on the postcard that is relevant and personalized. This creates the scenario that the recipient thinks you are talking directly to them

This list of prospects is one of the most - if not the most - important factors of a successful postcard marketing campaign. Analyze your current customers and generate a list of prospects that have similar traits and interests. If you do not have your own list you can generate one on many Internet sites or rent one from a list broker. For a fee, you can rent subscriber lists of specialized publications and newsletters read by prospects in your targeted market.

Lack of Repetition

Create a postcard marketing campaign, not just a one-time mailing. Consistent and repetitive mailings are more effective than a one-time, I hope this works mailing. When someone sees your company name over and over again, it builds credibility and familiarity. Although it may take a number of contacts with a customer before it leads to a sale, the eventual increase in revenue usually far offsets the small cost of postcard printing.

A Personalized Postcard Gets Read

Your postcards look professional, but at the same time, must carry a message that produces an emotional reaction from readers. Include a personal message on your postcard and it will generate more replies than those that read like an advertisement. This is for branding and recognition, not to close any deal.

Keep The Message Simple For a Quick Read

You have enough space on the postcard for a couple of brief sentences. Think through the goal you have for the campaign and avoid the 'cookie cutter' messages such as 'I provide the best service' or 'My product is the best because...'. Look through the yellow pages at the ads and avoid writing anything that is repetitive within those ads. Keep your message to one subject and use bullet points is possible for easy reading.

Avoid Mailing Missteps

Avoid using indicia (imprinted postage) because that is associate with junk mail. A first class stamp costs a little more per card but adds another touch of personalization which will gain more leads. The stamp also provides all of the services of the U.S. post office including the "return to sender" feature. Use this to maintain you lists.

The best days for recipients to receive their mail has been proven to be Tuesday and Wednesday. Avoid them being delivered on Fridays and Mondays.

Stay Within Your Budget

You can do your own printing, but for professional quality and service, professional printers should be used. They can send out a variety of graphics, provide assistance with targeting your list, and sending out your postcards with a postage stamp.

If you choose to print your own check the postal requirements for cost of postage, size minimums, and limitations. There are postcard options at many stores which include different sizes and finishes.

Marketing Postcards Used As a Sales Pitch

Remember that a postcard is used to stay in touch with and drive the recipient to your call to action, not as a sales pitch. Use direct mail marketing postcards to generate leads not sales.

Provide Your Contact Information

This common sense detail is, too many times, forgotten to be included on the direct mail marketing postcard. Provide a telephone, cell and fax number, as well as an email, website and return address. Be sure to include your company name as well.

Pay Attention To The Details

Use a brightly colored and relevant graphic and make your headline grab the reader's attention or you will lose them. You have about three seconds to get them to pay attention and flip the postcard over to read your message. The back side message should reinforce your headline and your call to action leads them to take the action you desire.

You Must Proofread

Your lack of using 'spell check' AND proofreading your marketing postcard yourself will reflect poorly on you. Read each word backwards to ensure they are spelled correctly, read your message out loud, or have another person read it to catch anything that you may have missed.

The marketing postcard will produce leads. Your quality postcard will make a greater impact on your customer. The reader quickly sees your headline, and very little effort is required to evaluate the piece. They will be more likely to act on your 'call to action', thus producing more leads and generating more sales.

Toni Grundstrom is a freelance writer with emphasis in the Marketing field. She has worked for a professional legal association, government entity, and small businesses. With 17 years of experience I provide valuable content in all aspects of Marketing. To stay in contact with your customers using direct mail postcard marketing use the effective and low cost selection from

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