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Professional Hands-On Title Abstracting and Courthouse Research


Court Records & Land Title Searches in 117 Rural CountiesBased in Lubbock County Texas, Davick Services provides fast, accurate hands-on title abstracting and public records research direct from the courthouse in 117 counties in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas.


A Service You Can Trust

Our professional searchers and abstractors physically visit the courthouse to research and retrieve the critical information you need and we are backed by $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions liability insurance.

Email us for a complete list of prices and counties.




We have used Davick Services many times over the years for title abstracting and we have always had great results.

Mike Skene
President at Title Solutions, Inc.


. . . worked quickly and timely. I plan to use his services again.

Joe Hoelscher

Commercial Lender at City Bank Texas


. . . superb turn around times and quality results. I know when I use Davick Services there won't be any questions in regard to the results.

Gradi Rocamora

President at Sterling Research, Inc


. . . understands, that even in this age of technology, having distant person search title remotely may be quicker and cheaper, but not better. I wholeheartedly endorse Davick Services for anyone who is looking for a title researcher, committed to accuracy, and timeliness.

Michael Persyn, RL


. . . willingness to go the extra mile. I happily recommend his professional services.

Julio Garza

Independent Petroleum Landman


. . . very knowledgeable and well informed about matters involving real estate titles. Great professional contact in the industry and a good friend for many years.

Robert A. Franco Source of Title


. . . innovative, motivating, hardworking and extremely moral. David's site, TXDILAR has been instrumental to many courthouse research businesses.

Lisa Ramsey
Owner, Professional Research LLC





Popular Articles

In addition to our abstracting and public records research we also publish the News for Public Officials and the Texas Directory of Independent Local Abstractors and Researchers (TXDILAR)


Robosigners in Your Records

Robo signer violations include company misrepresentation of the signers, notaries violations, signature mismatches, invalid witnessing of documents, invalid document presentation and other signs of foreclosure mill activity. See our list of robosigners including signatures, depositions and court cases.


One Million Records Missing From Tarrant County Site

Nearly a million records were missing from the Tarrant County Website according to Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia . . . read more


America's Loneliest Counties

King County Texas 666 Ranch Supply HouseIsolated, secluded, steeped in history and rich in tradition -- these counties are the least populated and most isolated places in America.



Texas Unclaimed Property to be Sold at Auction

The State of Texas sells unclaimed items like jewelry, loose diamonds, gold bullion and collectible coins and paper currency in live public auctions on eBay.


Let Your House Secure Your Retirement and Put Tax-Free Money in Your Pocket

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 raised the limit for government-backed reverse mortgages to $625,500. There are no income, employment or credit qualifying restrictions. You own your home - not the bank and you never make a mortgage payment while you live in the home and the money you receive is tax-free. If you are over 62, you can get a Reverse Mortgage Guide that explains all your options and simplifies the application process.


Restructure Your Mortgage - Keep your home affordable!


If you are current on your mortgage but struggling with the payments, refinancing your home with an FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA or conventional fixed-rate mortgage can make your home affordable again and save you thousands of dollars. If necessary, you can pursue the help of real estate lawyers who can navigate through your existing status and present your case in the most effective manner possible.



Credit Card Debt & Changing Laws


According to experts, the average American family carries a credit card balance of $10,000. New credit card laws of and proposed laws set to go into effect in 2010 along with government bailouts are motivating banks and credit card lenders to quickly settle debt with debt settlement specialists. You may be able to eliminate half of what you owe.


Now that the government is cracking down on credit card lenders, struggling cardholders need to act fast to see if you may be eligible to quickly and legally settle your debt  - without bankruptcy.


If you need to explore or pursue bankruptcy, click here to learn more about your potential options.



Home Value Down? Take 40% or More Off Related Expenses


One in six of all homeowners is now underwater. In some of the hardest hit areas, more than 80% of homeowners owe more than their home is worth. In just a few months American homeowners collectively saw $3.3 trillion erased from the value of their real estate while at the same time property taxes and insurance remained the same or even worse - went up. While many homeowners struggle to keep their heads above water,  others are actually lowering home payments by bringing insurance and taxes in line with lower home values . . . Learn how you can take 40% Off Appraisal-Related Costs.



Money for Home Improvement, Weatherization and Remodeling


Individual states determine the type of home improvement allowable and amount of your rebate. In addition, some local governments, utilities and Energy Star certified manufacturers are offering additional rebates and discounts. To take advantage of this rebate you should compare bids from local contractors and get all your options.


Professional Associations

Source of Title Certified Title Abstractor

TXDILAR - Texas Directory of Independent Local Abstractors and Researchers

Public Record Retriever Network






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